Calling all Parents of Teens!

o-TEENS-AND-PARENTS-facebookIs having a conversation with your teenager like pulling teeth?
Do you feel like nothing you say to your teen is getting through?
Does every encounter with your teen leave you frustrated, angry?
Do you wish your teen would open up to you?
Are your kids TRYING to drive you crazy?!

Discover a radically new approach to connecting to your kids.  Based on the Parent as Coach Approach, you can convert your parent-teen relationship of conflict, frustration and pain into an enjoyable and harmonious partnership of mutual respect and encouragement.

IMAG0520This 4 week workshop is held one night a week for four consecutive weeks. Cost is $149 per person, $199 per couple.


To learn when the next event is scheduled or for more information, contact:
Linda Stokes
(405) 706-5816

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  1. Jeanne says:

    How could any of this be better stated? It conl’udt.

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